FD kindergarten roundup set

Kindergarten roundup will take place at Fort Dodge Community Schools March 25-31, varying by building.

Parents or guardians who have a child ready to enter kindergarten this fall (child must be 5 years old by Sept. 15) should call the registration office at the Central Administration Building at 574-5679 now to register the child into a Roundup session.

The roundup schedule is as follows:

March 25: Cooper

March 26: Riverside

March 27: Duncombe

March 28: Butler

March 31: Feelhaver

If you are unsure which school’s roundup your child should attend, the registrar can provide the location when the call is made to sign up your child. Where a child lives determines which school roundup he or she must attend.

During roundup, the incoming student will experience a kindergarten day routine, spending time with his or her kindergarten teacher. Parents and guardians meet with the building principal and other staff members to will learn about school curriculum. There are also opportunities to ask questions.

For additional information, contact Lis Ristau, kindergarten roundup coordinator, at 574-5675, or by email at mristau@fdschools.org.