Christmas display continues

To the editor:

As I’m writing this letter on another cold winter day, it was just a month ago today, it was Christmas Day. What a cold winter it was for the showing of my Christmas light display. Many cold nights for all the people who braved the cold to get out and walk all over to get a good look up close, to see how every thing was constructed and assembled, to bring the day of Christmas to everyone for 40 nights.

One night it was 10 below and about 40 people walked all over, but I won’t forget all those sleigh rides that were given to hundreds of people and the drivers of horse-driven sleighs. Thanks to Jim Kellner and his drivers for giving rides to really make this a Christmas tradition the people will never forget. His fourth year and my 29 years, how many more, only one person knows, the one above all of us.

So thanks to everyone who came here again this year and for the donations to help keep this going on every year.

Merlin L. Fort

Dakota City