FDSH Art Club to paint mural for Duncombe Elementary

The Fort Dodge Senior High Art Club is creating a new mural for Duncombe Elementary.

“We’re painting a new mural at Duncombe to represent all the different types of activities kids can get involved in,” Jillian Knutsen, FDSH art instructor, said. “It’s music, art, sports, education, technology.”

The club was asked to design a new mural for the school, Knutsen said.

“They had an older mural there that didn’t have a whole lot to do with what they did in the building, and they really wanted something new,” she said. “They asked if my kids would like to do it, and I said I’m sure they would. They love painting murals.”

The project has already started, and will take about three weeks to complete.

“We just finished the preliminary drawings,” Knutsen said. “It’s up on the wall, and hopefully we’ll start painting next week.”

In January 2013, the FDSH Art Club completed a mural for Riverside Early Learning Center, decorating its entryway and first floor hall with storybook characters.

“We absolutely love to do it,” Knutsen said. “And it gives us another way to put our art into the community, in places where lots of people will see it. It’s a little bit time-consuming, but it’s worth it.”

There are between 10 to 20 students in the art club at any time.

“They rotate,” Knutsen said. “They’re not all working on it at the same time. The nice thing about our club is that anybody can join it at any time in the year. Because so many kids are involved in multiple activities, they’re not able to make it every single time.”

The students, Knutsen said, love creating murals.

“They are always looking for more of them to do actually,” she said. “Our next goal is we’re hoping someone in a more public place than a school building will ask us to do it in Fort Dodge.”

According to Knutsen, art plays an important role in students’ education.

“Art gives kids an opportunity to learn not just about a skill or a medium, but working together as a group,” she said. “Art really is a way to encompass all types of learning.”