Emergency loans available

Webster County was declared a primary disaster area due to drought and heat using the streamlined Secretarial Disaster Designation process.

Under this designation, producers with operations in any primary or contiguous county are eligible to apply for low interest emergency loans.

The streamlined disaster designation process issues a drought disaster declaration when a county has experienced a drought intensity value of at least a D2 (severe drought) level for eight consecutive weeks based on the U.S. Drought Monitor during the crop year.

Emergency loans help producers recover from production and physical losses due to drought, flooding and other natural disasters or quarantine.

Producers have eight months from the date of the declaration to apply for emergency loan assistance. FSA will consider each loan application on its own merits, taking into account the extent of losses, security available and repayment ability.

Producers can borrow up to 100 percent of actual production or physical losses, to a maximum amount of $500,000.

For more information about emergency loans, contact a local Farm Services Agency office or visit

Microloan program

FSA developed the Microloan program to better serve the unique financial operating needs of beginning, niche and small family farm operations.

FSA offers applicants a Microloan designed to help farmers with credit needs of $35,000 or less.

The loan features a streamlined application process built to fit the needs of new and smaller producers. This loan program will also be useful to specialty crop producers and operators of community supported agriculture.

Eligible applicants can apply for a maximum amount of $35,000 to pay for initial start-up expenses such as hoop houses to extend the growing season, essential tools, irrigation and annual expenses such as seed, fertilizer, utilities, land rents, marketing, and distribution expenses.

As financing needs increase, applicants can apply for a regular operating loan up to the maximum amount of $300,000 or obtain financing from a commercial lender under FSA’s Guaranteed Loan Program.

Individuals who are interested in applying for a microloan or would like to discuss other farm loan programs available should contact their local FSA office to set up an appointment with a loan official.

Beginning farmer loans

FSA has targeted funds and special loan programs to assist beginning farmers to finance agricultural enterprises. FSA defines a beginning farmer as a person who:

Has operated a farm for not more than 10 years .

Will materially and substantially participate in the operation of the farm.

Does not own a farm in excess of 30 percent of the county’s median size (for farm ownership loan programs).

Additional program information, loan applications, and other materials are available at your local USDA Service Center.

You may also visit

Operation changes

Producers who have bought or sold land, or added or dropped rented land from their operation must report those changes to the FSA office as soon as possible.

A copy of the deed or recorded land contract for purchase property is needed to maintain accurate records with FSA.

Failure to do so can lead to possible program ineligibility and penalties.