Simply Clean and Restoration offers many options

The experienced and certified professionals at Simply Clean and Restoration, 2474 170th St., are ready to handle just about any imaginable cleaning or restoration requirement. Founded in October 2012 by Curtis and Hope Hartig, this Fort Dodge-based cleaning service offers extensive options.

The company provides standard janitorial and home-cleaning solutions for both commercial and residential clients. Specialized cleaning of carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, and air ducts are all part of the company’s agenda.

“We don’t do just carpets, tile or upholstery,” co-owner Hope Hartig said. “We also do janitorial and home-cleaning services. We are comprehensive. We do a little bit of everything.”

Her husband underlined that point.

“We’re well-rounded,” Curtis Hartig said.

Hope Hartig said the home-cleaning approach is carefully tailored to each client’s needs.

“It’s up to you as the homeowner what you want us to do,” she explained. “We can do your everyday home maintenance. We can do your deep, deep clean. We can do that extreme situation clean if you need it. We can do all of it.”

For commercial customers, the possibilities are similarly broad-ranging, Curtis Hartig said.

Simply Clean’s team of experts also stands ready to respond to emergency water- or fire-related crises 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hope Hartig said helping people handle those types of highly stressful situations is a priority. She said she and her husband have lived through that type of catastrophe themselves and understand how upsetting it can be.

“We do the damage restoration and are maybe a little more passionate about that because we’ve had personal experience there,” she said. “For fire and water, we’ve been there ourselves. I can’t tell you how horrific it is on multiple levels. So, we can sympathize and help them understand the process that is going on.”

Curtis Hartig said he finds helping people cope with those crises to be an especially satisfying part of his work.

“I like helping people through traumatic situations,” he said. “Helping people preserve their investments.”

Hartig said that the secret of business success is to understand what clients expect and produce a level of service that goes beyond simply meeting the minimum requirements.

“If at all possible, I exceed people’s expectations,” he said. “Go that extra mile. Treat the customer as I would expect to be treated.”

Certified professionals

Curtis and Hope Hartig both stressed that at Simply Clean and Restoration making sure the workers are thoroughly trained and appropriately certified is a fundamental part of their business plan.

“Everybody we have, if they are not certified, they will be certified,” Hope Hartig said. “We believe anyone who steps into your home should not only have a background check, but we want them to be the safest person possible and we want them to be educated.”

She said proper training prevents avoidable mistakes.

“It’s easy to damage something permanently by using the wrong product,” Hartig said.

Among the certifying bodies that have credentialed team members at Simply Clean and Restoration are Carpet and Rug Institute and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Meet the owners

Curtis Hartig is originally from Algona. He graduated from Algona High School in 1993. Hartig then entered the United States Marine Corps and served from 1993 through 1997.

Hartig began working in the cleaning industry in 1997. He also continued is education, attending Iowa Central Community College and Drake University.

Hartig’s community involvements today include the American Legion Riders, the Patriot Guard Riders and the Fort Dodge Noon Lions.

Hope Fisher Hartig is a longtime Fort Dodger. She graduated from Fort Dodge Senior High in 1995. Hartig is a registered nurse who received her training at Iowa Central. Following graduation in 1998, she initially worked at the Marian Home. Hartig has been part of the team at UnityPoint Health since 2000. She currently is affiliated with the Diabetes Center at Trinity Regional Medical Center and has been a health educator for eight years.

The Hartigs have five children who range in age from 2 1/2 to 17.

About Simply Clean and Restoration

Simply Clean and Restoration currently has a work force of four. Its market area is a 75-mile radius of Fort Dodge for emergency response and restoration work and about a 30-mile radius for standard cleaning services.

Curtis Hartig said the client mix includes about 60 percent residential clients and 40 percent commercial. He said 78 percent of their customers are either repeat patrons or referrals from existing clients.

Hartig stressed that the company has tried hard to keep its services priced to appeal to a broad cross-section of area residents and businesses.

“We cater to everyone,” he said. “It’s actually quite affordable.”

His wife added that the quotes the company gives before work is undertaken are firm commitments.

“When we give you a quote, we don’t change our minds as to what it’s going to be,” Hope Hartig said.

Both Hartigs emphasized that making certain homes and businesses are kept healthy for residents or patrons is an ongoing priority at Simply Clean.

“We are really based around keeping families healthy and businesses healthy,” Curtis Hartig said.

Hope Hartig has a straightforward suggestion for anyone who may be in need of the services Simply Clean and Restoration offers.

“My message would be: ‘Ask people who have used us. Ask what they say.’ It’s what they say that matters,” she said.