W.C. to build BMX court on tennis court site

WEBSTER CITY – Bicyclists in Webster City who enjoy competitive racing will have a chance to show off their skills this spring when the city installs its first BMX course.

The course, which will be located in East Twin Park, will be designed for people who want to participate in BMX, also known as bicycle motocross.

Kent Harfst, Webster City’s recreation and public grounds director, said the idea for the course came about while city officials were trying to decide what they should do with the open space, which was once tennis courts.

“The high school built brand new ones and we’ve been using those,” Harfst said. “We tore down the old tennis courts and had green space and dirt that we really wanted to develop.”

Harfst spoke with the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission to see what ideas they could come up with. Some ideas included a park shelter, playground equipment and more parking spaces for the city’s outdoor pool, which is near the park.

“It kept evolving until we started talking to skateboarders and other students who thought it was a great idea” for the city to create a BMX course, according to Harfst.

Right now the project is in the design phase. Work on the course is planned for spring.

“We’ll have to haul in clay dirt in the spring to make the hills,” Harfst said.

This won’t be a professional BMX course, Harfst said.

“Most of the mounds and hills are only about 2 to 3 feet,” he said. “The course itself is going to be the size of a tennis court.”

With the help of volunteers, Harfst said the city is able to keep the cost of the course down.

“Right now we have one person helping design it,” he said. “It’ll only cost the city for time and equipment.”

In addition to the design of the project, Harfst said officials are also coming up with rules for the course when it does open.

“A lot of it is going to be about being respectful,” he said. “We’re hoping that people will respect each other and the park.”

There may be consequences if people don’t end up treating the course well.

“If things wouldn’t work out we’d just scrape everything off and plant grass here,” he said.

It’s expected that the BMX course will be a popular addition to Webster City.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Harfst said. “It’s very little cost and we can get the community involved in it too.”