From our files: Jan. 25, 2014

Jan. 25, 2004

NEWS: Cathering Baldwin, of Fort Dodge, received a Regents Scholarship valued at $14,400 from Concordia University, Seward, Neb.

SPORTS: Iowa Central beat Clinton 86-57 in men’s basketball.

Jan. 25, 1989

NEWS: The late Francis Murphy, formerly of Kanawha, was featured on “Unsolved Mysteries” as the last child on a 1929 orphan train from New York, in an attempt to find his half sister, Margaret Murphy.

SPORTS: The Gaels beat Humboldt 85-84 in girls basketball.

Jan. 25, 1964

NEWS: Charlotte Niemeyer, of Humboldt, won the “Homemaker of Tomorrow” award at Northwest Webster Community High School.

SPORTS: Clarion beat Fort Dodge 22-16 in wrestling.