FDPD begins sergeant selection process

An upcoming retirement means the Fort Dodge Police Department is looking for patrol officers who can be promoted to sergeant.

There are five sergeants on the 40-member police force. Police Chief Tim Carmody told the city’s Civil Service Commission Tuesday morning that at least one of them will retire within the next year.

To address that upcoming vacancy, the commission approved a test and interview process that will produce a list of candidates for promotion to sergeant by the end of March.

Patrol officers must have at least three years of experience in order to take the test for sergeant. Only Fort Dodge police officers will be allowed to take the test.

Jim Vollmer, the city’s human resources director, said there are 17 officers eligible for the sergeant’s test, and he estimated that two-thirds of them will take it.

”We’ve got a lot of good people on our Police Department that have good leadership skills and would make high quality sergeants,” Vollmer said.

The schedule approved Tuesday calls for a written test to be held on March 3. Those who pass the written test will participate in a series of interviews and writing exercises to be held on March 11-14.

Commission member Janece Valentine was absent from the otherwise unanimous vote to approve the test process.

Vollmer said a civil service exam for entry-level police officers will be held later this year.