Bird Count achieves goal

To the editor:

The ninth annual Webster County Christmas Bird Count had remarkable weather with a total of 44 species. This is about average for this count. Our highest being 50 and lowest, 39.

We certainly would not have had this success without the help of this years participants. We first want to thank Bill Johnson, Erin Ford and the Webster County Conservation for working together with us and the use of the Prairie Resource Building once again.

The bird club obtained a newfound friend in Mary Higby from Lehigh. She has a numerous feeders the birders were able to obtain many species. Thank you Mary.

Feeder counts are extremely valuable and we would appreciate anyone with an active feeder set up to please let us know in December.

Secondly, thank you to all who sacrificed their Saturday to donate their time and knowledge. Ron and Norma Anderson, Sue Larson, John and Joan Robertson, Erin Ford, Helen Meehan, Toni Wallace, Russ Williams, Evans McWilliams and Tom and Becky Johnson.

Thanks to Hans Madsen and The Messenger for supporting our efforts and doing such a great article every year.

Please check out our Facebook group “Webster County Birding” to keep up to date on future events and to share your sightings and stories with a great bunch of people.

Breck Johnson

Fort Dodge