A Kiefer family ‘thank you’

To the editor:

What a road my family has been down since Oct. 27, 2013.

Our daughter, Emma (17) was involved in a vehicle accident on her way home from baby-sitting close family friends. It is a parent’s worst nightmare, being woken up in the middle of the night to the doorbell ringing and noticing that your child has not returned home.

Our daughter was in great hands from the very beginning with the grace of God and with his guiding hands to the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, Dayton Police, Gowrie Police, Otho Fire and Rescue, Gowrie EMS and UnityPoint Ambulance Service. With the quick thinking of Nick Dunbar at the scene played out better than if it was a planned drill. Life Flight from Blank’s Children Hospital was advised to begin their route to Fort Dodge for a patient.

Emma suffered a Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI), broken ribs with a collapsed left lung, puncture wound to her left hip area, fractured pelvis, broken bone near her elbow, and a fractured collarbone. She was life-flighted to Blank’s Children Hospital. After six weeks and several surgeries Emma was transferred to On With Life in Ankeny in December. She continues to work hard every day so that one day she will be able to come home to jump in where she left off.

We would like to take the time to thank EMS personnel, hospital staff, Life Flight crew, anyone that sent money, cards, gifts,and prayers. We would also like to thank Southeast Webster-Grand CSD, POET Biorefining (Gowrie), Webster County 4-H, Harcourt Fire and Rescue, Dayton United Methodist Church, Paton/Churdan CSD, Prairie Valley CSD, and our hometown communities for the amazing support that you have shown us.

Finally, to everyone that organized, donated items, baked, grilled, worked and attended the Nibbles for Emma benefit. There are no words beside thank you for supporting our family. That night was a night that left Mark and I feeling numb. How can so many small communities join as one for one night and show one family the love and support that we received that night.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mark Kiefer

Angie Kiefer

Grace Kiefer

Emma Kiefer

Clayton Kiefer