From our files: Jan. 2, 2014

Jan. 2, 2004

NEWS: Rod Rasmussen, of Goldfield, ran a company called Prairie Land Security and designed security systems all around the globe.

SPORTS: Iowa beat Florida 37-17 in the Outback Bowl.

Jan. 2, 1989

NEWS: The first baby born in Fort Dodge in 1989 was a girl born to Rachel Eckman, of Fort Dodge, and Kenny Brown, of Moorland.

SPORTS: The San Francisco 49’ers beat the Minnesota Vikings 34-9.

Jan. 2, 1964

NEWS: The Bellville Belles 4-H Club was named the top girls 4-H Club in Pocahontas County for 1963.

SPORTS: Hannah Schnur had the high game in the Parkway Gals bowling league with 166.