New foundation will help support FDPD

Those who have wanted to give financial support to the Fort Dodge Police Department’s crime-fighting efforts now have a way of doing so with the creation of a new foundation.

The Fort Dodge Police Department Public Safety Fund, a collaborative effort between the FDPD and the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way, was recently created as a way of allowing people to donate money to the department.

Police Chief Tim Carmody said the idea came about after he and Assistant Chief Kevin Doty were approached by multiple community members asking how they could go about donating to the department.

“They were interested in donating money specifically to the Police Department to advance different efforts that help the community,” Carmody said. “There wasn’t really a solid vehicle in place at the time.”

After speaking with the Community Foundation and United Way, the non-endowed fund was created.

“It’s a tax-deductible way for a person to donate through this fund and be able to use it on their taxes,” Carmody said.

What makes the Police Department’s fund unique is that donors can request that their money be used for a specific purpose.

“We’ve already had someone donate money towards providing meals for Citizen’s Academy,” Carmody said, referring to the twice-a-year class where community members get a look at how local public safety agencies work. “There’s also another donor who has asked specifically about crime prevention efforts and drug-related investigations.”

Other ways in which the department might use the money is by purchasing equipment that is not in its budget.

“We would be able to possibly get body cameras for officers, medical kits that we don’t already have for officers,” he said. “Resources that will help them be safer, more effective and better at serving the community.”

The foundation could also be used as an outlet for alumni of Citizen’s Academy to give back to the class, he said.

“We’ve always wanted a way to get the alumni to contribute back to the classes,” Carmody said. “This gives them a way to do that now.”

Although the foundation is meant to help the FDPD, Carmody said the goal is not to take away from other organizations that are out there.

“We appreciate everything those other organizations do,” he said. “This gives people a specific method of donating directly to the department and potentially earmarking what they want the money to go towards.”

Carmody also said the money will not go towards salaries of officers and staff.

The department appreciates all the support from the community.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback over the past few years about how things are going with the department in the community,” he said. “People want to see that continue, and we’ll find positive ways to make that happen.

Anyone interested in donating to the FDPD Public Safety Fund is asked to contact either Carmody or Doty at 573-1426. Donations can also be delivered to the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way.