Think you know Friendship Haven?

To the editor:

Stunning. Jaw-dropping. Amazing. Whatever you call them, the new John and Lin Simpson Health Center and connecting link are transforming Friendship Haven into one of the best retirement communities in Iowa.

The Simpson Health Center features close-knit communities with distinctive decor, a quiet environment free from alarms, and caregivers who are cross-trained to better serve people’s needs. All this enhances Friendship Haven’s high-quality care, a tradition that has benefited generations of my own family who’ve called Friendship Haven home.

The new connecting link also strengthens the Friendship Haven community. From the Simpson Health Center to River Ridge Apartments to Kenyon Place Apartments, people can easily visit their friends and family members on campus, without having to go outside. This is the first time in 63 years that Friendship Haven has been connected like this under one roof.

I believe Friendship Haven’s founder, Dr. Clarence Tompkins, would be thrilled by the ways the new Health Center and connecting link are fulfilling his dream of serving “God’s older children.” I invite you to see for yourself during our open house and public tours of the Simpson Health Center on Saturday, Jan. 11, and Sunday, Jan.12, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Think you know Friendship Haven? Come take a look at us now, and see how we’re creating new ways for people to pursue lives filled with faith, passion, and purpose.

Bruce Vandagriff,

Board president

Friendship Haven Inc.

Fort Dodge