Home court advantage

Community Christian School held its first home basketball games Tuesday, with boys and girls teams squaring off against squads from Zion Lutheran School of Denison.

The games were the first ever played in a gym that belonged to CCS,

Established in 1978, CCS relocated to the former Holy Rosary School, 2406 9 1/2 Ave. S., at the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year.

“We’ve always had to use other people’s gyms in the past, because we’ve never really had a full-sized gym,” said Margaret Shields, CCS dean of students.

The school was previously located in the First Evangelical Free Church building.

“We have prepared a beautiful new gym for our basketball season,” Shields said. “A lot of volunteer work has gone into getting this gym looking like a CCS gym. We have our CCS logo on the wall. We have painted. We have stripped and waxed the floors, and added the padding and the new basketball hoops that have the blue and white that are the CCS colors. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Trent Bockoven, boys basketball coach, said he and his team were eager to compete in their own gym.

“We’ve never played at our home gym,” he said. “This is where we practice throughout the week, so we’re familiar with the court. We’re getting familiar with the hoops. Hopefully, that will work to our advantage tonight. We can have home court advantage.”

Bockoven said he hopes his team is inspired by playing at their own school.

“The boys have to defend their own court tonight,” he said. “So there might be a little extra motivation for them.”

Dean Black, girls basketball coach, had the privilege of coaching the school’s first-ever home game.

“We get the first home game, and hopefully we have the first basket, too,” Black said. “We’re small but we’re mighty.”

Black said his team was looking forward to the game.

“They’ll enjoy being on their home court, being on their home gym,” he said.

For Black, athletics and education go hand-in-hand at CCS.

“When they’re out on the court they tend to work together, they motivate themselves,” he said. “One thing we press here is, you have to keep your grades up in order to play, to be out here.”

Jessica Bockoven, CCS athletics director, schedules the games between schools. This year, CCS can schedule home games.

“It’s so exciting,” she said. “We’re so blessed with the volunteers who came over for this occassion, and even before that to get this set up, to host our first home game here. It’s been exciting, and very meaningful.”

Shields views the remodeled gym as a lasting gift, she said.

“It is unbelievable what has happened this past year, that we have a gym, that we have a building, and our families will get to use this for many years to come,” she said. “This is our 35th year. To have our own home game in our own gym, it’s just unbelievable.”