Problems ahead for Medicare

For three years or so, we have been warning the new national health care law – Obamacare – would devastate the Medicare program on which millions of older Americans rely. Liberal politicians and interest groups said we were lying.

But the government finally is admitting Obamacare will cut funding for Medicare Advantage insurance by about $156 billion during a 10-year period.

Medicare Advantage clients are being informed thousands of doctors are being cut from the program. That means that if you have Medicare Advantage insurance, you may not be able to continue seeing the health care providers on whom you have relied for years.

More than 14 million Americans use Medicare Advantage coverage as an alternative to the traditional, more limited Medicare program. Many of them also are being told their premiums are going up.

Obama and his minions have a simple policy for dealing with ongoing revelations about how many people are going to be hurt by Obamacare: Either distort the truth about it, or refuse to disclose numbers.

In this case, the government refuses to say how many health care providers are being dropped from Medicare Advantage. Federal officials have the information – they just don’t want the public to know.

The truth about Obamacare would kill the program, of course, and that is precisely why it is being withheld.