Keeping up with the latest

LAKE CITY – Since becoming the Lake City Public Library’s director in March, Michele Deluhery has seen much growth and progress as the library moves toward the future.

“It’s gone very well,” Deluhery said. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

Deluhery, who spent seven years as the library technician before becoming director, said she wanted to help improve the library’s technology services for both patrons and staff.

Thanks to a local donation, Delhuhery said the library is now able to do that.

“We were really, really lucky because we had a Lake City resident donate $100,000 for us for technical upgrades,” she said. “That has been just wonderful.”

Deluhery said the new technology is already being installed.

“I have my new computers here already,” she said. “We’re going to get new computers and replace all of our current ones.”

Other computers in the library will help children learn skills.

“We have a learning station for grade school kids so they can come in and use it,” she said. “It’s a touch-screen computer and it only has learning games on it.”

The library has gotten a positive response from the new touch-screen computer.

“The kids really enjoy it,” Deluhery said.

Children aren’t the only library patrons who will benefit from the new technology. Deluhery said patrons will soon be able to access the Internet on any mobile device.

“We’re working on a new wireless router,” she said. “It’s going to be a lot better than what we have now. It’ll be capable of providing Internet to iPads, iPhones, anything that connects to the Internet.”

“It’s going to be good for patrons,” she added.

At some point, Deluhery said the money will be used to help complete another technology project that will benefit not only patrons, but library staff as well.

“We’re going to budget next year for a new online catalogue system,” she said. “That will be much more user-friendly for the patrons and it will be great for the staff. We’ll have a lot more control over our records.”

The new catalogue will be installed sometime in the “next couple years.”

Deluhery said the improvements will hopefully last long into the future.

“We’re trying to make it last as long as possible,” she said. “That way we’ll still be able to make upgrades to the system.”