From our files: Jan. 3, 2014

Jan. 3, 2004

NEWS: Olivia Arndorfer, daughter of Michael and Jennifer Arndorfer, of Dakota City, was the first baby born at Trinity Regional Medical Center in 2004.

SPORTS: Rockwell City-Lytton’s David Hildreth recorded the 100th pin of his career with the Wildcats.

Jan. 3, 1989

NEWS: Roy Stoulil, 86, who had helped in the construction of the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, died in a car crash.

SPORTS: Travis Everhart, 3, was one of the youngest sanctioned junior bowlers in Fort Dodge.

Jan. 3, 1964

NEWS: John Ganeff, of Lehigh, was elected chairman of the Webster County Extension council.

SPORTS: Bill Draisey scored 49 points to lead Vincent Clay to a 96-55 victory over the Air National Guard basketball team at the YMCA.