Recalling 2013

The celebration of a new year can be a time for reflection on the past, not just on resolving for the future.

During this season, “We look back at what we have accomplished,” said Katie Dentlinger, who was shopping at the Crossroads Mall Sunday afternoon.

A sophomore at Iowa Central Community College, Dentlinger said she didn’t really make new year’s resolutions. Her friend Monty Owens doesn’t either.

“Not really,” Owens said. “I guess my resolution would be to become a better man.”

Owens and Dentlinger both said 2013 was in some ways better than 2012.

“Just school-wise, I accomplished more,” said Dentlinger.

“It was better. There were more options,” said Owens.

The thought that this year was better than the last seemed common with students.

“It was better,” said Tate Illg, a senior at the Humboldt Community High School. “I was involved in more sports. A little higher up in high school.”

“This year I made a goal that I’d like to get stronger,” he added. He doesn’t necessarily make a resolution every year.

“It’s touch and go. When I need a resolution I make one,” Illg said.

For New Year’s Eve, Illg will get together with a bunch of friends, “just staying up late and celebrating,” he said.

Not everyone finds the New Year to be a special time. Erin Murray said she doesn’t really make resolutions or spend time reflecting.

“It’s just another day,” said Murray, who was selling calendars at the mall.

She had no big plans for that day, either.

“Work,” she said. “Probably go to the bar.”

Brothers Carson Henry, a seventh grader, and Nick Henry, senior at South Central Calhoun High School in Lake City, said they don’t make resolutions and they don’t have any big plans. They didn’t think 2012 and 2013 were really much different.

“I don’t remember last year,” Carson Henry said.

To them, the night is about family.

Cynthia Snethen, of Reding, agreed.

“New Year’s Eve to me is a time for family and friends,” said Snethen, who was in the area visiting her children and grandchildren.

This year has been a sad year, she said, so she’s looking to have a better year in 2014.

She also knew what her hope was for the year.

“I feel like peace on Earth is one of the things we need to think on,” she said.