Changing lives at the YWCA

In more than 13 years of working in the human services field, Susie Drew has been working in a variety of capacities for several organizations.

“I’ve been working in the field for 13 years,” said Drew. “Always in the Fort Dodge area; with D/SAOC, Rabiner, Four Oaks.”

Drew has been with the Fort Dodge YWCA since October 2012 when she started as the organization’s case management and counseling supervisor. She is presently the clinical director, a position she has held since former clinical director David Chapin took the helm as Executive director of the YWCA last spring.

As clinical director, Drew works to oversee the counseling and treatment tech staff and assists with the day to day needs of clients and the operations of the YWCA.

“I do a little of everything,” Drew said. “Supervise counselors and treatment techs, assess clients’ everyday needs.”

Drew said her job comes with a lot of note keeping and working with client files on the YWCA’s new computerized system.

“There is a lot of computer work,” she said. “Lots of clinical notes to work with.”

Drew also works with various organizations in the community to get clients involved and also to connect them with the services they may be in need of outside of the YWCA’s programs.

“I spend a lot of time getting out into the community,” she said. “We recently got involved in family treatment. It’s just phenomenal how we have been able to work on collaborating with so many different agencies.”

Even as clinical director, Drew still has the opportunity to work with YWCA clients whenever she gets the chance.

“I still get to interact with all of them quite a bit,” said Drew. “I enjoy being with them.”

Drew helps lead groups for the clients which are part of their treatment during their stay.

“We have several groups,” said Drew. “Everything from stress and anger management to dual diagnosis, grief and budgeting.”

Drew said one of the greatest challenges of her job can be the limited space, but the rewards far outweigh them.

“We have such a solid team here,” she said. “Seeing their outlook for the clients is so heartwarming.”

Seeing firsthand clients’ success stories is also one of the greatest parts of her job.

“We’ve been blessed to hire back some people after they have been out on their own for a while,” she said. “We have clients who have moved on who like to stop back when they are passing through and who come back and like to give back.”

Others, she said, struggle when they leave, but know that the YWCA is a place they can count on for help.

“Sometimes they get out and start to struggle,” she said. “They call us back. It’s always good to hear that we are a place they know they can come back to.”