Weighs in on Obamacare

To the editor:

What has always separated the U.S. from other countries is its unique synthesis of soaring ideals and stubborn pragmatism. Iowa native and national icon John Wayne stood for the law – except when the villain could only be apprehended, and thereby the law restored, by breaking the law. These two traits are inseparable in the American identity. When the former outpaces the latter the American scaffolding folds. When the latter outpaces the former the world’s last best hope loses its soul.

It was with great compassion that casual supporters of Obamacare looked for solutions to America’s health care problems. (Its architects, I suspect, had less noble motives.) But now having created a colossus of bureaucratic incompetence it is time for those with an eye toward what actually works – as opposed to what might work in the best of all possible worlds – to prevail. There is no shame in wanting to do good and coming up short, but there is great shame in holding fast to failure because one’s pride prevents the admission of failure.

If you have ever supported Obamacare, please don’t lose sight of your ideals. But please, for the sake of the country, don’t stubbornly persist in demanding we exchange our very liberties for a program that, as written, could never achieve its admirable goals. Benjamin Franklin observed that those who would trade freedom for security would get neither. One can only surmise what he would have thought about trading freedom for a logically flawed program that no one bothered to read.

Jef Cook

Fort Dodge