From our files: Dec. 25, 2013

Dec. 25, 2003

NEWS: Gisella Rettinger, of Fort Dodge, donated a handmade ornament for a Christmas tree in Gov. Tom Vilsack’s office.

SPORTS: Major league baseball players were upset that their proposed salary increase was “only” 3.3 percent.

Dec. 25, 1988

NEWS: The altar of the Eagle Grove Church of Christ was decorated with a large star – a Philippine tradition – created by Dindo Munion.

SPORTS: Kurt Dencklau bowled a 289 game in the Ridgewood Classic league.

Dec. 25, 1963

NEWS: The best Christmas gift for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Steinbrink, of Manson, was a baby boy – the second child they adopted from Korea.

SPORTS: Hilbert LIcht and Don Hansch each bowled a 254 game.