From our files: Dec. 18, 2013

Dec. 18, 2003

NEWS: Shimkat Motor Co. and Shoppers Supply announced plans to move to the former Kmart store building on Fifth Avenue South.

SPORTS: Fort Dodge’s Dalton Gailey finished first in the Heartland Motocross series.

Dec. 18, 1988

NEWS: Jon Gottschalk’s letter to Santa requested a Nintendo for him, a power train for his brother Dennis, money for his big sister Heather and a new car for his big brother Jimmy.

SPORTS: Eagle Grove won the Fort Dodge Invitational wrestling tournament.

Dec. 18, 1963

NEWS: James Almquist was hired at the new Webster County Extension director.

SPORTS: The Clarion Cowboys defeated Iowa Falls 37-9 in a wrestling meet.