Snow causes few issues

A snow shower that began Tuesday night caused few problems for motorists Wednesday as the community dug out from the snow drifts.

Locally, law enforcement reported no major incidents along the highways.

“We had a few cars in the ditch, and earlier this morning we had some cars sliding on 35,” Sgt. Randy Steinkamp, of the Iowa State Patrol, said, referring to the Interstate. “But for the most part everything was pretty good.”

Steinkamp said compared to previous large storms, the snow Tuesday evening caused very few problems.

“These little storms don’t really cause us any more grief than the big ones,” he said. “It came in pretty nice and everything worked out pretty well.”

The National Weather Service reported a little more than 3 inches of snow throughout Webster County.

“We had a report of 3.2 inches about two miles northeast of Fort Dodge,” meteorologist Kevin Scow said. “Three miles northwest of Badger we also had a report of 3.2 inches.”

That was similar to snowfall in other nearby areas, according to Scow.

“There were 2.8 inches reported for Dakota City,” he said. “And in Webster City there were 3 inches.”

Scow said the National Weather Service was predicting more snow for later on in the week, but he wasn’t expecting there to be a lot of accumulation.

“We do have a slight chance of snow Friday night into Saturday,” Scow said. “Right now, it’s at a 20 to 30 percent chance, so not much is expected.”