Hero cop saves family

Virtually every winter, there is at least one news story about a tragic nighttime house fire that takes the lives of a family at sleep in their home.

Fort Dodge might have been the venue last week for such a horrific occurrence. Fortunately, however, the quick action by a heroic police officer prevented that outcome.

While on patrol looking for a burglary suspect, Fort Dodge Police Sgt. Joel Lizer noticed that a house at 714 Third Ave. N. was afire. He took immediate action to prevent the sleeping occupants from being harmed. Lizer entered the burning dwelling, awoke the four adults and two children he found there and got them outside to safety.

Thanks in large measure to Lizer’s quick response, there were no fatalities and no injuries.

“This is another great example of the good work and dedicated service provided by Sgt. Lizer and all our staff,” Police Chief Tim Carmody said afterward. “We are truly thankful the residents are safe. We are also very proud of Joel and his heroic actions.”

The Messenger heartily seconds those sentiments and joins in saluting Lizer for intervening appropriately to prevent a dangerous situation from turning tragic.