Iowa Highway 3 to be paved

POCAHONTAS – A fresh coat of pavement to be applied next year is intended to end the rough riding on a section of Iowa Highway 3 in Pocahontas County.

The $5.8 million paving job will be completed on the route between Iowa Highway 4 and Gilmore City on the border of Pocahontas and Humboldt counties, according to Tony Lazarowicz, a distict engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Lazarowicz said the highway surface will be patched within the Pocahontas city limits. He said it will be repaved between Pocahontas and Gilmore City.

Part of the highway’s shoulders, which are now gravel, will be paved during the project.

“This gives some structure out there to prevent ruts,” Lazarowicz said. “This helps to increase the safety also.”

He said a contract for the project will be awarded next year, and all work should be done by the end of the 2014 construction season.

The upcoming paving job follows a project completed last summer in which a large milling machine was used to grind down high spots on the highway’s surface on 11 miles between Pocahontas and Gilmore City.