Webster County sups OK security system

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved a bid for a redesign of the courthouse security system Tuesday.

The board accepted the bid for $746.73 from Modern Sound Engineering. A second bid was also received for $526.42 from Iowa Fire Control LLC.

The accepted bid was higher because it included an extender, or signal booster, and the lower bid did not, said Webster County Sheriff Jim Stubbs. It also included two hours more labor.

“Their quote is up to that – not to exceed that price,” Stubbs said. “They’re probably estimating labor on the long side, would be my guess. Both bids are comparable if you figure those in.”

The new system will save money, be more efficient, and allow for quicker responses, he said.

“The system that’s in place now calls another center which calls back. This would directly go to the dispatch in the Law Enforcement Center,” he said.

MSE also has worked with the system previously.

“They put in what we have. They have more knowledge of what we have presently,” Stubbs said.

He would have no qualms about using either company, he said.

The supervisors also received and placed on file a termination of contract for Judy A. Warrick, who provides services at the Friendship Center. The center was previously managed by Webster County Community Services, and now will be managed by a corporation called Hope Haven, said Board Chairman Bob Singer.

Warrick will now be employed by Hope Haven, Singer said.

The Friendship Center provides a place for people with mental illness to meet for socialization, education and recovery, and includes a computer room, kitchen, meeting room, and main room with a pool table, sun deck, horseshoe pit and cable TV.

In other business, the supervisors filed a drainage repair request for a drainage ditch near the lagoons west of Harcourt, in Lost Grove township, section 14, drainage district No. 2.

They also placed on file manure management plan updates for RHS Farms, Inc., in section 6, Deer Creek Township; and for RGT Carlson, Inc., in Section 26, Gowrie Township.