Holiday Art Show will be Seamonds’ last

The fall semester art show at Iowa Central Community College this weekend will display the works of many young talents.

“This is the culmination of all the studio and digital arts classes, and the work they’ve done for the semester,” Maureen Seamonds, ICCC humanities professor, said.

Iowa Central’s Decker Auditorium will be open this weekend with the students’ works on display, and a public reception will be held Dec. 11 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The students are excited to have their work shown, Seamonds said.

“They’ve been working all semester. Each student has at least one work, maybe up to three or four, and they are excited about being able to share it,” she said. “Students in the studio classes don’t have an option, they have to participate. They’re eager to show their work.”

Preparing to show their work to the public, Seamonds said, is a challenge for the newer students.

“It’s not just doing the work, you have to frame it. You have to present it. You have to think about how things have, if it’s a sculpture, how it stands,” she said. “We’re lucky to have the space and have the opportunity for them to show their work in a true exhibition space.”

Seamonds said she is, as always, proud of the quality of art being shared.

“They’re beginning students for the most part. Most of them are Studio I, so it’s their first or second studio,” she said. “Our graduates are just sophomores, so they, in two years, really accomplish a lot. Some of the students who have taken two years now will have some amazing things. They really are enchanting.”

The show will feature a variety of artistic media, including ceramics, three sections of drawings and paintings, and will once again feature the digital arts.

For Seamonds, seeing her students grow not only in terms of their work, but in their readiness to present themselves to the public, is a joy.

“That is what makes it worth getting up in the morning, because that really is fun,” she said. “I think a lot of times part of our job is to convince them they already have really good ideas and it’s a matter of exploring them and trusting themselves, making decisions and putting in the time necessary.”

The show will be the last for Seamonds, who retires this semester. Seamonds, an instructor at Iowa Central since 1989, will dedicate herself to her Webster City art studio, The Produce Station Pottery and Ice House Gallery.

“My whole career has been teaching art,” she said. “I will totally miss the student interaction. Teaching is one of those things you can do lots of different way. I can teach in my studio. Hopefully, we’ll keep in touch. It’s a great career and it’s been good to me. I love it.”