Extravaganza continues

To the editor:

I am now 84 and as I get ready to lay down to sleep, I am wondering how many more years I will be able to keep up this pace of working all day putting up my Christmas lights. I hope for many more, even though I have been doing it a long time. This is my 29th year. Yes, my body is very tired every night and every morning when I get up to take my first step, with aching bones, but you know after a good breakfast, then reading the local paper, I get my clothes on and out the door I go to repeat the same old thing.

I must not hesitate because there are still many things to do before I turn my lights on again and as usual the tradition is to turn on my lights the night before Thanksgiving. So first of all, I am thankful I’m still alive and then being able to do what I do every year for everyone during the holidays. Soon, I’ll be seeing all of you at my place to celebrate these coming days.

The Old Man on the Hill

Merlin Fort

Dakota City