Travel woes — maybe

Millie Bodensteiner, of Fort Dodge, might have dodged a weather bullet Tuesday.

She was getting ready to board a Great Lakes Aviation flight flying out of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport and traveling to Albany, N.Y., to spend some time with her 99-year-old mother.

Her husband, Ted Bodensteiner, had been keeping his eye on the storm brewing over the southeastern United States that’s expected to cause delays for many holiday travelers going in that direction.

“We’ll be on the good side of the storm,” he said. “I called, there are no current delays.”

He flight will take her through Minneapolis, then Philadelphia and then on to Albany.

The middle stop, Philly, is the big concern. He said its proximity to the coast is a concern.

For travelers leaving Fort Dodge, any delays they encounter won’t be on their first leg of the trip.

Dee Tarbox, station manager for Great Lakes Aviation, said that the normally scheduled flights in and out of Fort Dodge won’t be impacted.

To avoid problems, she said travelers should contact their airline to check on the status of their flights.

She also said that for those leaving from Fort Dodge, it’s important that Great Lakes has their contact information.

“We will call and let them know as we have the information,” she said.

According to the Associated Press, the storm is almost certain to impact travel plans today. They said that many travelers have been able to move to earlier flights.

The airports expected to have the biggest delays include the country’s biggest: New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Charlotte, N.C. These serve as hubs that connect to many smaller regional airports through the storm-affected area.

Frequently, the flight delays that occur in one region of the country can cause delays in other regions as flights back up.

The storm comes at a bad time; according to the airline trade group Airlines for America, this holiday season is expected to see the most travelers flying since 2007.

The busiest day is expect to be Sunday, with 2.56 million passengers. Today is the second busiest with 2.42 million.

As part of those who flew Tuesday, Millie Bodensteiner is no stranger to delays. Like most travelers, she’s gotten to sit in an airport for hours waiting for weather conditions to change.

Her biggest fear this trip, getting stuck in Philadelphia. Her solution is to hope it doesn’t happen and say a little prayer.

If it does happen?

“She’ll call me and chew me out,” Ted Bodensteiner joked before giving his wife a big hug and a kiss to send her off on her journey.