FDSH in 2nd place for safety grant

Students, staff and community members are coming together to promote safety at Fort Dodge Senior High by voting in the Stanley Security “Together For Safer Schools” grant.

FDSH is currently in second place out of hundreds of schools nationally, and could win up to $200,000 in security products and services.

“We are excited to possibly receive some additional monies to help keep our staff and students safe,” said Doug Van Zyl, FDCSD superintendent. “Over the years money to upgrade or enhance some areas in our school has been hard to come by.”

The community can help provide a safer learning environment at Senior High by voting daily through Dec. 13 at www.stanleysaferschools.com, and by texting “Fort Dodge Senior High” to 99222.

“It’s important for everyone to feel safe at school so they can focus on learning while here,” said Shelby Portz, Dodger Senate member. “Show your Dodger Pride and vote for Senior High daily.”