From our files: Nov. 24, 2013

Nov. 24, 2003

NEWS: Katie Degelau, of Fort Dodge, performed with the Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

SPORTS: Former Dodgers Nic Huse and Katie Gronbach participated in the SDSU Invitational as part of the Buena Vista University swim team.

Nov. 24, 1988

NEWS: Fourth- and fifth-grade TAG students held a Medieval Fair at Cooper Elementary School to highlight what they had learned for parents and fellow students.

SPORTS: The Houston Oilers beat the Dallas Cowboys 25-17.

Nov. 24, 1963

NEWS: Frances Messer was elected president of the Humboldt Coutny Historical Association.

SPORTS: Arch Larson bowled a 260 game in the Rose Bowl Thorns league.