From our files: Nov. 23, 2013

Nov. 23, 2003

NEWS: The Church of the Open Bible in Eagle Grove closed after 55 years.

SPORTS: Emmetsburg won the Class 2A football championship wiht a 24-21 victory over Solon.

Nov. 23, 1988

NEWS: Sara Schmalenberger, of Vincent, showed the reserve grand champion Angus female in the 1988 American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City, Mo.

SPORTS: The Triton women’s basektball team defeated DMACC of Boone 84-77.

Nov. 23, 1963

NEWS: Sue Fitzgerald, of Laurens, was the Sweetheart of the Future Farmers of America chapter at Laurens High School.

SPORTS: The Fort Dodge Rifle and Pistol Club received the Minuteman Award for its services in making range facilities available to the Air National Guard.