Fees for parks, recreation will rise 2 percent

Many of the fees that people pay to play a round of golf or go swimming in Fort Dodge are going up by about 2 percent.

The fee for renting a cabin in Loomis Park called the Octagon has been cut in half, however, and some decisions remain to be made on a handful of other prices, including daily admission to the aquatics center.

The city’s Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission approved the new fees Wednesday evening. Commission member Kirk Yung was absent from the otherwise unanimous vote.

The increases are effective immediately.

Fees have been raised by about 2 percent annually for the last few years, according to Lori Branderhorst, the city’s director of parks, recreation and forestry.

The cost of season passes to Lakeside Municipal Golf Course were increased by 2 percent.

However, the daily greens fees will remain unchanged.

Branderhorst said two new season passes for the course’s driving range have been added. One of the new driving range passes, for single individuals, costs $175. A family driving range pass costs $225.

The cost for renting the Octagon was dropped from $50 to $25 because it does not have running water, according to Branderhorst. All other park cabin rentals will still cost $75.

The commission deferred a decision on the cost of daily admission to the Rosedale Rapids aquatic center. It did increase the season pass fees there by about 2 percent.