Frustrated on Knollcrest

To the editor:

I have been a resident of Fort Dodge for most of my life. I work here I play here, and I raise my four children here. Almost 3 years ago my fiancee and I bought a house on Knollcrest Drive. Obviously, since the new middle school has opened up our neighborhood has become more busy. That is generally not a problem, however, the parking situation seems to be.

People that are picking up children are rather inconsiderate. On two occasions I have had to ask people to move out of my driveway, because it is not public parking. One of them was so indecent they gave me hand gestures I would rather not explain. People often block driveways. Another person feels the need to sit and wait for their child with their stereo loud enough to rattle my walls at times.

I personally suggest no parking signs on one side of the street, because with all the cars on both sides there is no room to get down the middle. I have had to go around the block to get to my own driveway. When I look at all the wasted grasslands around the school, I can’t help but think there could have been a better way to organize a drop off and pick up area. All I am trying to say is, why can’t we be more considerate of our neighbors.

Nick Smith

Fort Dodge