St. Edmond gets a powerful boost

Catholic education has been an important part of life in Fort Dodge almost since the town was founded. The first Catholic school got underway in 1862. The 151 years since have witnessed many changes and stupendous progress. The impressive educational complex that is today’s St. Edmond is a treasure admired and valued by the whole community.

The world of the 21st century is vastly different from the America of the Civil War era. Even so, the dedication of the Catholic community to the enhancement of its educational system, which was robust from the very start, remains a powerful force in our day. That’s a commitment that deserves admiration and helps build a stronger Fort Dodge.

Schools are an expensive proposition. Privately funded educational enterprises can prosper only when those who prize their special qualities generate the monies required.

Consequently, when generous members of the community choose to provide the needed financial support, it is an occasion for rejoicing.

St. Edmond Catholic School has received a $100,000 gift from the Dean Polking family, of Fort Dodge. The school will use this generous donation to help fund air conditioning for its high school building and 1965 addition.

This impressive financial commitment is a powerful boost to the St. Edmond Capital Campaign. Hopefully, it will help inspire others who believe in the educational mission St. Edmond undertakes to think carefully about how they too can help.

The Messenger applauds the Polking family for stepping forward to help St. Edmond succeed.