Coming down

CALLENDER – A piece of Callender’s history is coming down, piece by piece.

The grain elevator on Rankin Avenue that’s towered over the community since the early 1900s is being dismantled, but at least some of it will have a new use.

The wood will become flooring, according to Joe Goff, of J&A Farms of Hudson, Ky., the company that’s dismantling the structure.

”Part of it may be going to Japan,” he said.

The demolition job began on Thursday.

Goff said the speed at which the old elevator will come down depends on the weather.

”Hopefully, by spring it will be done,” he said. ”It’s going to be slow, but it will get done.”

Goff’s company was hired by Midstates Material Handling and Transportation to remove the elevator. Instead of just leveling it, Goff and his partner, Aaron Schwartz, are disassembling it with the intent of reselling its parts.

Earlier this week, they stripped out all of the copper wiring.

Then they began pulling down the corrugated steel siding. Goff said they’re taking it down in 4-foot-long sections. The steel, he said, will be sold for scrap.

Inside the elevator, Goff and Schwartz found an accumulation of soybeans that ranges from 2 to 4 inches deep. Goff said the soybeans are spoiled and will be buried.

The men also chased a couple of racoons out of the old building.

J&A Farms specializes in barn removal and deconstruction. The Callender elevator is the first one the company has dismantled.