City officials readying $1.2 million street paving plan


About $1.2 million worth of street paving is proposed to be done in Fort Dodge next year.

”We are on a fast pace to put together the 2014 street project,” Dave Odor, the city’s geographic information specialist, told the City Council Tuesday night. ”We’re trying to make as much of an impact on residential streets as we can.”

Odor presented maps to the council showing what roads are proposed to be addressed next year during the annual paving project.

“The local option sales tax dollars increase has allowed us to put more money into the 2014 project,” said Chad Schaeffer, the city’s director of engineering, business affairs and community growth.

Odor said the plan is to use a technique called mill and overlay in which the top layer of existing asphalt is removed with a large grinder and replaced with new asphalt. He said there are no plans to use a technique called slurry seal to fix streets in 2014.

The proposed list of streets to be repaved includes:

– North 11th Street between Eighth and 14th avenues north

– North 29th Street between 14th and 16th avenues north

– North 25th Street between 10th and 14 avenues north

– North 16th Street between Second and Sixth avenues north

– North 17th Street between Second and Sixth avenues north

– North 18th Street between Second and Sixth avenues north

– North 19th Street between Second and Sixth avenues north

– Sixth Avenue South between 12th and 15th streets

– South 14th Street between Fifth and Seventh avenues south

– Maple Drive

  • 11th Avenue South between 22nd and 25th streets

Council members didn’t recommend any changes to the proposed list. Councilman Robert ”Barney” Patterson said it represented a ”good mix of streets.”

Repaving those streets will not be the only road work in Fort Dodge next year. Schaeffer said a contract will soon be awarded for the reconstruction of First Avenue North downtown, with the actual work to be done in 2014.

Repairs to the Bridge of Fallen Heroes on North Third Street, which have been postponed twice, may also be completed next year.

The reconstruction of Fifth Avenue South between Menard’s, 3319 Fifth Ave. S., and the eastern city limits is set for next year as well.

After Jan. 1, the City Council will have a majority of members who support the First Avenue South crosstown connector project, making it likely that some work on it will also be done next year.