Yapp workshop succeeds

To the editor:

Bob Yapp is controversial especially with his views on window restoration rather than window replacement but he uses his facts and experience to prove his point. Yapp is a grizzly bear with a heart big as his energy and charisma. He loves his work and loves training others. The front page article by Hans Madsen “Yapp: When it comes to windows, older is better” sparked much interest. Most readers wished they had attended the Oct. 18 workshop after seeing the story in the next day’s Messenger. We had at least 40 lucky participants who heard his presentation.

Yapp has trained owners, contractors, and architects for over 30 years, wrote, produced, and hosted “About Your House with Bob Yapp,” a national PBS TV program, and was involved in 163 rehabilitations and restored over 6,000 windows. He is president of Preservation Resources Inc. and resides in Hannibal, Mo.

The next morning mini-boot camp was held at the McQuilkin Building at 815 Central Ave. The 25 attendees aided in removing several large second-story windows and prepped them for restoration all in four hours. As a mother hen, I could see big headlines “Yapp’s student splats on Central,” but Bob had great control of the class and students learned lots – correct tools and procedure while having a great time seeing the windows take shape. Each participant took one of Yapp’s CD to help aid him/her in doing window restoration.

Funding provided by National Parks Service, Downtown SSMID, Catherine Vincent Deardorf Foundation, Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way, and Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau made these workshops possible; along with Rich Seltz providing the site for the mini-boot camp. Our partners: State Historic Preservation Office, Iowa Central Community College and the city of Fort Dodge need to be recognized. Senior Planner Stephanie Houk Sheetz kept the (Fort Dodge Historical Preservation) Commission on track with her overseeing of the workshops. The Messenger publicized our activities through features and ads. We wish to thank our supporters for their financial aid and interest. Refreshments were served at our free workshops because of Hy-Vee, Graham Tire and JaMar’s generosity. We want to thank the many local restaurants which placed yellow tri-folds on their tables to advertise events.

Yapp loves Fort Dodge. He counseled the Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust in the early stages of its existence. In the future, the Commission will hold another workshop to conclude this series on window restoration.

Edwina (Eddy) O’Farrell

Fort Dodge