Sundowners, Hawkeye will hold fundraiser

The Sundowner Sertoma Club and Hawkeye Community Theatre will hold a fundraiser walk at 1 p.m. Nov. 24 at the Crossroads Mall, 217 S. 25th St. Registration begins at noon, and costs $20.

“Celebrate Sound – Don’t walk in silence” will raise money for an induction looping system for the theater. Looping works like Wi-Fi for hearing aids and cochlear implants, sending sound directly from the theater sound system into the hearing device, thus eliminating ambient sound. Half the net proceeds from the walk will go toward the looping system, and the other half will help fund Sertoma’s national hearing health mission projects.

Hearing loss is a serious issue for 50 million Americans. From newborn babies to senior citizens, hearing loss can impede learning, lead to social isolation, and even be life-threatening.

“We want to raise public awareness of hearing health issues,” said Sundowner Sertoma Club Chairman Steve Brown. “The number of people affected, the age ranges affected and the health implications are much broader than the general public might suspect.

“But there are things that can be done. For instance, just through better education we can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss, erase public stigma about hearing loss, and make public spaces more accessible to those who use assistive devices.”

To join, volunteer or sponsor, or for more information, call 571-0506 or visit