Friends of the Library offers deals by the bag

There is one goal to be met during the last day of the annual Friends of the Library Book Sale, it is, according to volunteer Dennis Milefchik, of Fort Dodge, a simple one.

“Deplete the inventory,” he said.

About two dozen shoppers were doing just that as the day got underway, each working on filling up a bag or box with books that would set them back one dollar at the door.

“Most of them are bargain hunting,” he said. “A dollar a bag is a good deal.”

It wasn’t just books that were flying off the tables and into the hands of readers; two tables covered with prerecorded VHS tapes went home with one shopper.

“I didn’t think people would buy those,” he said.

Brenda Green, of Fort Dodge, was looking for suspense and thrillers. She stops to read a few paragraphs of each books to get a feel for the writing style and to determine if the volume will interest her.

She was working on her second bag – the first one rested at her feet.

“I had to set it down,” she said, “My hand was going to sleep.”

Robin Rongved, of Gowrie, was among shoppers. She said she normally attends the sale on the first day, but this year a work obligation kept her away. She was taking her time and shopping carefully.

“I look for authors I know or series I need to finish,” she said.

She likes mysteries and scary books. She said she appreciates getting a good deal; it’s important for a large library.

“I love books,” she said. “I have hundreds.”

Nicole Scott, of Fort Dodge, had her hands full.

“I’ve got six bags,” she said, “so far.”

She was hunting for children’s books and more volumes to add to her collection of Harlequin romance books.

“I grabbed two boxes of those,” she said.

Reading is a family activity in her home.

“We all get together and read an hour each night,” she said.

Brenda Haines, of Fort Dodge, was another busy shopper at the sale.

“I’ve got one bag filled and I’m started on my second,” she said.

She was looking for good mysteries and like the other shoppers, a good bargain.

She wasn’t sure how long the books she was buying would take to read.

She does have plenty of time ahead of her to work on them though.

“It’s winter,” Haines said.