St. Paul Lutheran celebrates fall with a festival

St. Paul Lutheran School students and staff celebrated Fall Fest Friday.

The school does not celebrate Halloween, according to Debra Erickson, St. Paul Lutheran third- and fourth-grade teacher.

“We are a Christian school,” Erickson said. “Also, it’s during the time of fall, so they don’t have to worry about doing it on the actual day. It’s nice to enjoy the whole fall season.”

In the St. Paul Lutheran gym, students gathered dressed as Darth Vader and Transformers, and princesses and Velma Dinkley. One dressed as a Minecraft character, and another as the Green Lantern.

The Rev. Nathan Peitsch asked his students why they like to dress up. They answered that it was fun and they like those characters.

“There’s somebody that we all get to dress up like,” he said. “As many of you were baptized into Christ, have put on Christ. That means, we have all dressed up like Jesus. Just like you have put on your costume today, we have put on Christ. We are dressed up just like Jesus, because we want to be just like him. But the cool thing is, he puts the clothes on us.”

After a prayer, students broke into groups to participate in games and activities and to win candy.

“We just put together some games, and the kids can go around and play and earn some prizes,” Erickson said. “We have a lollipop tree, where they pick a lollipop and if it’s black on the end they get bubbles. We have the floating pumpkins. We have shoot a crow, pumpkin bowling. We have crafts and we have snacks.”

Erickson said there are rules guiding what the students cannot wear.

“They cannot wear ghosts, vampires, anything that’s really bloody,” she said. “We like to keep it clean.”

It is the day the students enjoy, Erickson said.

“They get to dress up in their costumes and have a little fun, have a little break from school work,” she said.

The day is just as much for the staff, Erickson said.

“It’s fun to see all the kids have fun,” she said.

Roxanne Schuur, kindergarten teacher, attended the festivities dressed in false glasses, a polkadot tie, blue bowler hat and large red bulb nose.

“I love to dress up,” Schuur said. “The kids like it too. It’s a lot of fun.”

According to Schuur, the students not only enjoy the activities, they appreciate the meaning of the day.

“The kids really enjoy it. We like to celebrate the blessings that God gives us all year long; that’s why we do this,” she said. “We’re celebrating.”