Now it’s time to govern

The composition of the Fort Dodge City Council for the next two years is now set, and features two new members. At Tuesday’s election voters re-elected Mayor Matt Bemrich, who was unopposed, and chose the following Fort Dodgers to represent them on the council:

– Newcomer Jeffrey Halter will be a member at large,

– Dr. Terry Moehnke, another newcomer, will represent Ward 1,

– Incumbent Don Wilson continues to represent Ward 2,

– Dave Flattery was re-elected in Ward 3,

– Kim Alstott was re-elected in Ward 4 and

– Andy Fritz was re-elected to an at-large seat.

The Messenger congratulates both the winners and their opponents on having conducted campaigns that were both spirited and illuminating. The citizens of our town were afforded ample opportunity to learn about the issues council members must address in the years just ahead. As is true in most contested elections, voters had the chance to choose between would-be council members whose background, goals and priorities varied.

Now with the election behind us, it is time to get on with the important work of addressing very real infrastructure and economic development issues. Fort Dodge can become an even more successful city than it is today if council members leverage its resources appropriately and make wise governing choices.

Economic growth is the key to making it possible for this community to move ahead with the Envision 2030 project and critical infrastructure enhancements. It also can help set the stage for quality-of-life improvements that will not only benefit current Fort Dodgers, but encourage others to consider making this their home.

The Fort Dodge of tomorrow can be a prosperous place that will inspire pride. It could become a favored destination for both visitors and corporate investors. Voters have entrusted the seven individuals elected Tuesday with key roles in accomplishing those goals. It is up to all of us who care about the future of this town to help them and other city leaders fulfill that important mission.