Fort Dodge City Election: Moehnke, Halter join incumbents

Dr. Terry Moehnke handily defeated Councilman Mark Taylor to win the Ward 1 seat on the Fort Dodge City Council Tuesday.

Moehnke secured 433 votes, or 69.06 percent.

Taylor, who was seeking his second term, won 194 votes, or 30.94 percent, according to election results posted by the Webster County auditor’s office.

”People who had a lot of interest in seeing Fort Dodge succeed came out and supported me,” Moehnke said.

”I think the election results are more or less a mandate that the citizens of Ward 1 want to see progress that isn’t hampered by personal agendas or perceived concerns about the city finances,” he said.

Taylor described the election results as ”pretty disappointing.”

”I thought I did a pretty good job for the city of Fort Dodge,” he said.

Moehnke, who supports the crosstown connector, previously said he thought it was ”irresponsible” that the City Council didn’t move forward with the project. He said Tuesday night that the voters of Ward 1 knew that the city government will have to give back about $2.5 million worth of grants for the project if it isn’t completed.

Taylor, who was one of a handful of crosstown connector opponents who were defeated in Tuesday’s election said ”There was a big political machine put together to beat us all.”