From our files: Nov. 4, 2013

Nov. 4, 2003

NEWS: Fort Dodge City Councilwoman Jane Burleson won her sixth term in office.

SPORTS: St. Edmond senior Jon Prebeck was preparing to play basketball after football season had ended.

Nov. 4, 1988

NEWS: Tanner and Jeremy Robertson received certificates of recognition from the Calhoun County Peace Officers Association for their actions to save themselves and their mother from a car accident in July 1988.

SPORTS: Gael Jim Bocken was named an All-Midwest Conference running back.

Nov. 4, 1963

NEWS: Air Force officer Cap. R.G. (Jerry) Graalman, of Fort Dodge, was stationed in Saigon, where a military revolt resulted in the overthrow of the South Vietnam government.

SPORTS: Warren Dillon bowled a 219 game in the Sunday Rollers bowling league.