‘Young Frankenstein’ adds song, dance numbers

“Young Frankenstein,” the Broadway musical based on the classic Mel Brooks comedy, is coming to Fort Dodge via Comedia Musica Players.

“We wanted to do something fresh and new, and fun, with good music and that was exciting, that people hadn’t seen before,” Laura Franks, Comedia Musica actor, said.

Franks, like many of her cast members, plays multiple roles in the show, appearing as a villager, mad scientist and one of the chorus members.

“The chorus does all kinds of stuff. Everybody has very many roles they play in the chorus.

Bruce Perry, music director, said the group is working hard as their opening night performance draws near.

“It’s been a lot of fun. People working very hard, we have a talented cast,” Perry said. “Of course, now we’re hitting the time when things get a little bit hectic. It’s gets real when it’s about 10 days away, but it will be a wonderful show.”

Perry said he enjoys the show’s music.

“It’s a musical pastiche, filling a lot of different styles and varieties of music. There’s going to be something everybody will walk away from the show humming or singing, saying this earworm is invading my brain,” he said. “It’s a haunted show, shall we say, so you might as well have tunes that haunt your mind.”

The stage show is a different experience from the 1974 movie, Perry said.

“Live theater is always going to be different than seeing it on stage,” he said. “Seeing it will be real cool, but it won’t be quite as realistic. You don’t have the close-ups to deal with. The movie isn’t a musical, and the musical isn’t a movie.”

The point of the show, Perry said, is not to reproduce the movie.

“There are three words I never want to hear from anybody’s mouth and it’s ‘in the movie,’ because we’re not trying to recreate the movie, we’re trying to create a different experience for people,” he said. “Those who love the movie will love the show, but it will be a different experience.”

Franks said the show has been fun to put together and perform.

“There’s been a real camerated built up between everybody,” she said. “There’s been a whole lot of new people in the show this year that weren’t in it before, along with the other half of the cast, who have been in the shows from one to 15 to 25 times. We’ve got a good mix of young and old, and everyone’s enjoying it very much.”

“Young Frankenstein” premieres at Iowa Central Community College’s Decker Auditorium on Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m., with a 2 p.m. performance Nov. 9. Tickets are $12 for adult and $8 for students and will be available at the door.