Choose wisely on Tuesday

It’s time to weigh in on the future of Fort Dodge.

While the national economy as a whole is still far from booming, the agricultural sector is doing quite well. The development of a cluster of manufacturing facilities just west of Fort Dodge is showing promise of being just the start of a truly significant trend.

Economic growth is the key to making it possible for this community to move ahead with critical infrastructure enhancements. It also can help set the stage for quality-of-life improvements that will not only benefit current Fort Dodgers, but encourage others to consider making this their home.

The Fort Dodge of tomorrow can be a place that will inspire pride and could become a favored destination for both visitors and corporate investors.

These things can occur. They might not, however, unless the city government is led by people with wisdom and vision. That’s why the current City Council election is so important.

The mayor and City Council members voters choose in Tuesday’s election will play vital roles in determining whether this community seizes the opportunities it has to prosper or lets them slip from its grasp.

This year, voters have been afforded numerous opportunities to learn about the issues and candidates. There have been several excellent forums at which the candidates have shared their views with those who attended. Additionally, The Messenger has provided detailed coverage not only of those events, but also of the campaign as a whole. If you haven’t already spent time thinking carefully about your vote choices, a little homework today or tomorrow may be in order.

It’s time to show your commitment to Fort Dodge’s future by voting in Tuesday’s election. Those who cast a ballot can help ensure that our town’s future is in harmony with the great potential that exists here.

Let’s demonstrate faith in our hometown by showing up at the polls in record numbers. Doing so is not only a civic duty, but also is an opportunity for democratic participation that should be cherished by everyone.