From our files: Nov. 2, 2013

Nov. 2, 2003

NEWS: An Early American Trade Fair held in Fort Dodge showed how settlers lived in the 1840s.

SPORTS: Burke Risetter, Dan Ramsey and Casey Johnson each bowled a 300 game.

Nov. 2, 1988

NEWS: Harriet Norris spoke about how being a recovering alcoholic helped her to help others at the North Central Alcoholism Research Foundation in Eagle Grove.

SPORTS: Milwaukee Bucks player Jeff Grayer was on the sick list for at least two weeks after contracting chicken pox.

Nov. 2, 1963

NEWS: James Ackerman, of Fort Dodge, visited King Hussein I of Jordan during a trip to the Middle East.

SPORTS: The Waterloo West football team beat Fort Dodge 13-7.