Responds to editorial

To the editor:

The editorial in (the Oct. 29 Messenger) regarding the ‘big O’ bad’ TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party is a diversion away from the real problems in Washington. The TEA party consists of blue collar Americans who are letting their voices be heard. The federal government’s leadership starting with the White House, Senate and those who stand ready to bankrupt this country and all that it stands for.

The root of the question needs to start with a simple one: “Is it OK to spend more money that what we take in?” If you answer “YES” – God help us. If “NO” – then Congress, whose role is to represent the people is our last backstop to getting the house back in order. To portray them as troublemakers who the founding fathers set up the control of the federal checkbook is a red herring.

How about we focus on why the federal government’s debt is skyrocketing out of control? The Obama administration thinks they are the modern day Robin Hood – taking from those who work for a living and giving it away to those who don’t or refuse to – believing the government is their sugar daddy – is killing the very thing that has kept us going for the last 237 years. July 4, 1776 we declared our independence from England. Soon we will be declaring our dependence on the federal government – that is until the money runs out and China cuts off our line of credit. Appears we have lost our way and many are willing to let it collapse, passing our debt over to our grand children. When did balancing the checkbook become a bad thing?

Mike Scott