‘Exercise your privilege of voting’

To the editor:

As you know, Election Day for local officials is Tuesday. It puzzles me that voter turnout for U.S. President is usually very high, whereas, turnout for local elections is usually low. Looking at the numbers, your presidential vote is one vs. millions and local vote is one versus hundreds. It’s usually quite easy to communicate with your local official – maybe, not so much on the national level.Your vote has more impact in the local elections – I hope you leverage your vote to have an impact in our community’s future.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve listened to all the candidates. I think they all have the best interests of Fort Dodge at heart. Now you have an opportunity to help choose the path Fort Dodge is going to take.

A few facts I’ve found interesting, and have checked for accuracy, I’d like to share. In Iowa there are 1,051 incorporated cities. In comparing Fort Dodge’s city property taxes with the rest of the cities in Iowa, Fort Dodge is the seventh highest. All cities have the same mandates from the state and federal governments.

There has been a lot of discussion about the crosstown connector. In checking the information distributed by the city concerning funding for the project from Fifth Street to 13th Street: State and local grants will pay 32 percent, G O bond (property tax) 25 percent, Local Option Sales Tax 20 percent, Tax Increment Funding 6 percent, with 16 percent unfunded. There are roundabouts planned at Sixth Street and 12th Street. It’s unclear if the property has been acquired to build the roundabouts.

Please exercise your privilege to voting – either at the polls on Tuesday or at the county auditor’s office between now and 5 p.m. Monday.

Sharon Hickey

Fort Dodge