‘Go vote’

To the editor:

When I checked the report of The Associated Press Election Research Group, it showed: only 57.5 percent of eligible Americans voted in the 2012 election. That fact truly creates a concern.

This proves Americans are forgetting, if people stop voting – our republic will disintegrate – an authoritarian tyrant could gain power – democracy will be a memory, and we could be ruled by a dictator much like Hitler or Stalin. Remember U.S.A. voting history. If people had not voted Lincoln as president, we might still have slavery.

Voting allows Jan and Joe Public to express approval, or not, on issues. Nationally it could be the war against terrorism to gay marriage. Locally it’s better streets, upgrading city infrastructure, enticing manufacturing and businesses here, which will provide growth and prosperity.

Fort Dodge is at a priority, pivotal point. Vote for the wise, level-headed, clear thinking, community minded candidates. And please, don’t allow a candidate to suggest which other candidates to vote for. That’s suspect. These people may well try to “stack the deck” to have votes for their private causes.

Be a great Fort Dodger, Iowan and American. Check out the candidates to your satisfaction, and then, on Tuesday, go vote for those you think best.

Sharka Alstott

Fort Dodge